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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alba Rosa Haul~ ♡

The other day I finally got my package with my Alba Rosa Items.
Recently I have completly fall in love with the brands Alba Rosa and d.i.a.
I got all my items second hand and for a really good price.
I want to buy more already.. and fill my closet with Alba Rosa!~  ♡

The package~


Camisole. Front


Close up. It's glitter in the print aaaaah~ ♡

Top. Front




a pair of shoes!

They came in a nice bag~

They are so pretty, love them!!

And I got some gifts from the sellers too:

My Melody!

That was all~

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Makeup & Beauty Haul~ ♡


I'm already back with a new blogpost and haul.
This time a makeup and beauty haul.
These are my recent gets when it comes to makeup and beauty products.

Face sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic~

Lip gloss from Hawaiian Tropic~
Hawaiian Tropic is my favorite brand when it comes to sun protection.

Glitter 'eyeshadow' from Wet n Wild.

Eyelashes from Depend~

Eyelashes (Iconic) from House of Lashes~
They are so so pretty! I can't wait to try these on.

a Tangle Teezer, I finally have one!

Eyeshadow quartet (07 Tropical garden) from Isa Dora~

Eyeshadow quartet (02 Pink dream) from Isa Dora (it was on sale)~

Miss Manga Punky Mascara (it was on sale)~

Eye brow products from Eylure (it was on sale).
I need to be better to do my eye brows and I have heard good things
about the brand Eylure before so I want to try these products out.

Perfume from Dolce & Gabbana (it was a gift when I bought makeup)

Red haircolor from Schwarzkopf. (I colored my hair with this today, pictures soon)

That was all for this post.
See you in my next post! ^^

Monday, July 4, 2016

My 'recent' Toy & Gyaru gets~!

This blogpost is suuuuper late!
But I want to show you my 'recent' gyaru gets and toys for my collections.
Gonna show you what I have got from the begining of this year til now.. so I didn't buy everything in this post in just one month (I'm not rich.. or Am i? :O )

Gyaru clothes~

A camisole from Bodyline (bought second hand)
I know it's for Lolita but I think it works for Gyaru too~

A hair bow from Jesus Diamante (bought second hand)

Hair bow from Princess Melody (bought second hand)

Skirt from DreamV/ DearMyLove (bought secondhand)

Dress from La Pafait (bought second hand)

Bag from La Pafait (bought second hand)
It's my favorite hime bag!

Facemask with Jewelpets (It was a gift from a seller)

Heels from Jesus Diamante (bought second hand)

Dress from Princess Melody (bought new)

Dress from Sugargloss MA * RS (bought second hand)
I wore this on Fairycon'16.

La Pafait (replica?) necklace (bought second hand)

Camisole from DreamV/ DearMyLove (bought second hand)

Offbrand top (bought second hand)

Offbrand knit top (bought second hand)

Camisole from D.i.a (bought second hand)
This is my first d.i.a item~

Offbrand 'Agejo' dress (bought second hand)

MA * RS clip (bought second hand)

D.i.a belt (bought second hand)

D.i.a leopard moon belt (bought second hand)
I bought both d.i.a belt together for a really good price~

Skirt with garter set from Sugargloss MA * RS (bought second hand)

MA * RS top~ (bought second hand)

MA * RS skirt~ (bought second hand)

MA * RS skirt~ (bought second hand)

Knee socks from MA * RS (bought second hand)

MA * RS socks (bought second hand)

Alba Rosa top~ (bought second hand)
This is my first Alba Rosa item~

Dress from Liz Lisa (bought second hand)
(I plan to sell it..)

Dress from Princess Melody (bought new)

Nerd & Toy gets~


Polly Pocket~

3 x Tamagotchi

Pokémon cards. It's the 20 Anniversary box.
(Plan to do a separate post about my pokémon cards)

More Pokémon cards (800 cards bought second hand for a good price)

Pokémon deck box~

Figurine for my Sailor Moon collection~

For my Nintendo collection~

More Mangas (bought second hand)
I'm so glad that I found these old W.i.t.c.h and Snow Drop books really cheap.

World Of Warcraft comic book and the book Warcraft Durotan.

Cute porcelain boxes(?) found at my work~

Not a nerd thing but I found this cool sports bra at my work.
New in package ofc. (got it for free)

So that was all for this post.
 Which is your favorite?

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