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Friday, June 24, 2016

Magical Harts & hanging out with friends~ ♡

Hello cuties!

Today I'm gonna blog about my fellow gyaru friends Amy & Clairey who started up their own webshop and brand Magical Harts. They kindly sponsored me a pretty hair bow.
The bow goes fine with my Agejo outfits and my dark Himegyaru outfits.
I have so many pink bows so I choosed a black one from their webshop.


The package is pink!! And it had a Monster High sticker on.
(as you already may know I'm a huge MH adult fan)

Inside was another package with Tsum tsum stickers on. I love tsum tsums!

The bow with a cute letter.

** Glitter bomb! **



Me wearing it:

It's made with a thicker fabric and lots of love by Amy and her twin sister Clairey.
The size of the bow is perfect, just look at it!!
This is absolute one of my fav hair bows that I own atm.
I'm gonna collect more hair bows from them~

Check out their webshop~!

They are also on:

You can use my code "HIMENANNIE10" if you buy from their webshop!

Be Magical!

Go and follow them now~


Yesterday I went to work in a OTT look and outfit for the first time.
Everyone loved it!
It felt weird to go outside the door at first because I didn't dress up in OTT looks for a while.
(Last time was on Fairycon'16)
I only wear my Gyaru makeup and toned down outfits at work.

This was my Outfit:

Dress: Princess Melody
Cardigan: MA*RS Sugar Gloss
Shoes: OneSpo
Bow: Magical Harts - use the code "HIMENANNIE10"

I'm a hippo~ Add me on Snapchat if you want. ID: nanakikaw.

I went off work earlier yesterday so after work I and my friend Karna
went to Lövmarknaden in Karlskrona to meet up with friends~
I didn't buy anything at the market Lövmarknaden, I only bought a frozen drink called Slush.

After Lövmarknaden we went to a park and hang out for a while. It was so fun~
I'm glad to meet my friends again!

Mixis socks, we put flowers on it~

The squad!
Cajsa, Ami, Filip, Mixi, Karna & Me~

So that was all for now.
Today it's Midsummer in Sweden.
Me and my boyfriend are going to my brother's (Daniel) place to celebrate.

Have a nice day and see you in my next post! 


  1. Ah you look so lovely! I'm the same - I rarely dress up for work so I always get a little excited when I go out with friends on the weekend.

    That bow looks lovely on you btw, and suits you really well!

    1. Thank you ! :3
      Yeah, It's kinda boring that I barely can dress up on the weekdays because of work etc.

      Ah, thanks again cutie~ <3


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