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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I can't stick to just one style~


As you already may know I changed my blogname etc.
In this blogpost I will write about why..

Lately I have start to feel more and more that I can't stick to just one style.
I can't stick to just one Gyaru style.
I have dress in Himegyaru and Agejo for a while now
and I want to try out more substyles of Gyaru.
I just want to wear what I want and not only do Himegyaru.
I like darker fashion too.
Lately I have start to like Kurogyaru, the brown color (on clothes) and the brand d.i.a.
I want to try out Mamba too because it was the first gyaru substyle I read and learned about.
Mamba is a part of the beginning of my Gyaru journey. I never dressed in Mamba but it was the first substyle I saw and that made me to start with Gyaru, it's crazy that I never try wear it.
I think it's because I didn't want anyone to laugh at me.
I was just 16/17 when I first found out about Gyaru and 18/19 when I started to wear Gyaru fashion.
The teenage me was weak, super shy, dumb, bullied.. I had a hard time all years in school
and I had a hard childhood. I have never talk about this before (will maybe talk about it in the future).
Today I'm not too shy to wear what I want but I'm still shy and weak when it comes to other stuff.

When I was younger I had both a princess room and a room full of stuffs with skulls on and black.
I had a phase when I was into punk and dressed like that.
Most of my friends today are into more dark fashion and they all inspire me so much.

There is two sides of me(?).
One cute/pink & one cool/black kind of..

I have start to build up my gyaru wardrobe more with kurogyaru clothes.
(I will blog about my new gets in another post..)
I will keep my himegyaru and agejo clothes for a while. I will not stop to wear it at the moment.
Just want to wear other styles too. I may sell some of the clothes that I don't wear/want anymore.
I find it difficult to get rid of some things just because I easily attach to them, haha~

So, for now I will wear the substyle/clothes I just want to wear.
I know some gals in the comm will hate me (more) now just because of this.
We only lives once
so live the life and try/do everything you want/love! ♡

Some Gyaru inspiration!:



  1. Good luck! I can't wait to see you try other styles! <3

    1. Aw, thank you <3 I'm glad that you wanna see some upcoming looks from me! ^^ <3


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