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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Monday ♡ (Review)



Today I'm gonna review some clothes from Happy Monday.
Happy Monday kindly sent me some garments from their newest designs.
Thanks again cuties!
Happy Monday is based in Thailand and I got my package super fast.

Stock photos:

My Photos:

They marked my package as "gift" which is good.

I got 3 tops, all perfect packed in plastic bags.

"Luna" top~

"Chobits" top~

"Squad" top~

Me wearing:

The "Luna" top~

(please ignore my hair ends, I know I need to cut my hair again...)


The "Chobits" top~


The "Squad" top~


Detailed Review:

5/5  The clothes fits. I got the tops in size M.
I got size S last time when I got clothes from Happy Monday.
(I have put on a little extra weight during the winter and because of my depression)
So it feels good to wear a size bigger at the moment so I don't look like a sausage..

5/5  The clothes looks exactly as in the stock pictures or even better IRL.

5/5  I really like the quality on Happy Mondays clothes.
The fabric is soft and the seams are well made.
Good quality for the money in my opinion.

5/5  Perfect, perfect, perfect!
I'm really happy with my new tops, they are perfect for the summer.
I can't get enough of Happy Mondays clothes.
Love them so much and they are one of my favorite

Happy Monday

[Sponsored by Happy Monday]

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