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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I met one of my childhood Idols | Dr. Bombay~ ♡

Hellooo, long time no see~
I have so many upcoming posts for you guys.
I barely had the time for blogging, not that much happend in my life but I have
been busy with my work/internship and working on myself.

First I'm gonna blog about a Event there I and some of my friends met our childhood Idol
Dr. Bombay! YAAY!~

19 March Dr. Bombay came to a night club in my town Karlshamn.
(I know this blogpost is super late)

The pre-party was at my place.
My brother Daniel and my friends Karna, Cajsa, Sara and Bettie came and we had so much fun!

We went to the club at 22:30. Dr. Bombay came late, but whatever. (we löv him anyway!)

After the consert I got a selfie with Dr. Bombays sidekick but not with Dr. Bombay.
They run away.. so Dr. Bombay couldn't sign my CD that I brought with me
and that made me so sad ;__;

Me and the sidekick~

And some selfies;


I didn't took any pictures of my outfit, sorry but it was kinda basic/toned down ^^.
That was all pictures I got that night. Didn't took any pictures with my friends that night,
but trust me I have friends and we had so much fun! :D

Here is a video from the consert. Not the best quality but you can see/hear how fun we had!~

So that was all for this blogpost, more soon! ILYSM ♡
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