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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Princess Melody - Tiara Rose (ティアラRose)


Tiara Rose Dress~

Tiara Rose Skirt~

 Chiffon top~

Princess Knit Hoodie~

Tiara Rose Lady Dress~
 (all pictures from lilimpark.jp)

Waah, I have fall in love with this new collection from Princess Melody.
Especially the first dress! I will get my hands on that dress soon hopefully
because I asked a girl I know who lives in Tokyo right now.
I'm crying!
Actually.. I want everything in this collection because it's Princess Melody and
the designer is Himena Ousaki ofc, my idol. I love her!

A dream of mine is to have every single piece from Princess Melody and maybe
be sponsored by Princess Melody / MA*RS.
Yeah, I know it will never happen but I can always dream about that! ;__;

Which is your favorite from this collection?
Do you plan to get anything from this collection?

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