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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring clothes from Fashionkawaii & Asiancute~ ♡


Gonna give you some tips for your spring closet today.
Spring is soon here and it's always fun to have someting new to wear.
I will show you some of my favorites from the stores Fashion Kawaii
and Asian Cute on Storenvy.







Tutu Skirt~


You can use my coupon code "Himenannie" to get 10% off on all items in both stores!

Find all my other coupon codes here.

IsaDora - Riviera Spring Make-up 2016~ ♡


Big Bold Mascara  -  Twin Tip Eyeliner

Eye Shadow Quartet Relaunch
05 Nude Rose  -  06 Nude Sand

Multi Vitamin Gloss
02 Sheer Almond

Twist-Up Matt Lips
51 Bohemian  -  49 Bare 'N Beautiful

69 Nude Rose  -  70 Vintage Pink

Velvet Matt Nails
826 Velvet White  -  827 Bohemian

829 Pink Sugar  -  830 Blue Cloud

831 Spring Light  -  828 Vintage Blush
(pictures from isadora.com)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tamagotchi 4U+ ♡


Today I'm gonna show you my Tamagotchi 4U+ that I got last week.
I haven't had the time to blog about it until now because I have been sick - had influenza.
I'm still little sick tho but not that much so I have to stay home from my work/internship.

The package~

The package came really fast and it was well packed, which is a really big + !

I choosed the baby pink one and it came with a charm strap~

I love the design on the box! Gonna save it!


It came with two batterys from Toshiba~

It's so pretty~!! ♡♡

Together with my old Tamagotchi from 2004, I got it when I was 12 XD
It works still but needs new batterys~

Tamagotchi 4U+ came out 2014 so it's 10 years between these two.

The Tamagotchi 4U+ has color display~

This is how my Tamagotchi looks at the moment.
She is 7 days/years(?) now. 
Sometimes she turns really fat so I have to play with her much so she get fit again.
The other day I hadn't so much time for her so she packed her bag and ran away.
She moved in a tent out in the park.
It took not that long until she changed her mind and moved back home again.

This is all characters you can have on Tamagotchi 4U+

So that was all about my Tamagotchi for now.
I have start to collect Tamagotchis now and I already have two more on the way
so they will come in the mail soon. ^^
As you already may now, I collect Toys.
I have a collection of Monster High, Ever After High, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket,
Sailor Moon and now Tamagotchi! :3
(I have other kinds of Toys too but not that much of it so I can't call it collection yet..)
I think it's nothing wrong with collecting Toys as an adult. 
It's a Hobby of mine and I may start to collect other toys too soon.
I'm mostly into 80s and 90s toys because of childhood~! 

Do you collect any toys or another item? Tell me.. ♡

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