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Thursday, February 4, 2016

My New Year 2015~ ♡

Long time no see~  ♡

I know this post is kinda late but I really didn't had the time for blogging lately.
One of the reasons is that I have spent so much more time for my clothing brand 
at my "freetime" and I'm much stressed and depressed at the moment.
As you may already know 24h/ day are too little. I barely have time to meet my friends.
I guess it's like this when you are an adult.
The days goes so fast now when I work/interning compered to before when I didn't had any work. 
I can't wait for spring at the moment so I can feel more happy. I know I'm not alone ofc!..
Yeah I should shut up and stop cry a river. ^__^
But this is not what I should write about today.
Gonna write about New year in this post.
I have so many upcomming blogpost so I really need to blog before it's too much to blog about.

I celebrated New Year with my brother (Daniel) and my boyfriend.
We ate lobster and had some drinks.

This was my Outfit and look~

I had glitter on my roots (so Tumblr ^_-)

 Me and Daniel (the last picture is blurry, sorry)

Later we went to the club. And looked at the fireworks at 00:00.

So, do I have any New Year's resolutions this year?
Yes - I have!

I want to take my driving licens (I have start already)
Get a work (more money)
Be a better Gyaru
Sell clothes of my brand Hime Nannie
Move to a house
Lose weight (yeah it's so basic to have it as a resolution)

I have try to lose weight for a while now and I lost 6 kg and then I stopped to lose weight 
and had much problem to lose more after that.
Can't handle when people tell me that I'm skinny already because I'm not!
I'm tiny ~really short~ but weight too much.
I never tell my weight but I can say I'm BMI 30, and that's not OK!
I have huge problems with stress and stuffs like that (it make it hard for me to lose weight)
Want to lose weight because I think I need that and I do that for my own, not for anyone else.
I don't feel happy in my body at the moment and I can't take "but you are already skinny" as an compliment because I'm not. I'm just tiny and have a pear figure.
I want my old body back and be happy~
All good tips for losing weight are welcome, especially for water loss becuase I have 
a lot more water percent than fat in my body.
Have try most of the stuffs already and It's not that much helpful and success so far.
Maybe I have to go and see a doctor? Maybe not?
Well, enough of that! ^^
Soon it will be more light outside so I can take a walk after I end work at 17:00.
I'm afraid of the dark (read people).

So I guess it was all for now. Sorry for a boring and negative post but I had to write this.
I know I'm not alone. Just want to let people know that they are not alone out there.

See you in my next post! ♡♡

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