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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2016~ ♡

Gaijin Gyaru Awards (GGA) was back this year and that made me so happy.
Gyaru fashion is almost dead these days and it makes me so happy when gals in the comm
makes all they can do so gyaru don't die out.
The Gyarusa HYPER held the GGA this year, thanks gals for doing this! ^__^

This year I was Nominated in the Hime(Kaji) category and it made me so shoked and happy.
I don't think I'm a super good Gyaru and there is many other sweet and better Gyaru's out there.

I didn't won tho, but I'm still happy that I'm one of the top three.
Thanks to all who nominated and voted for me. This is maybe not a big thing but
it makes a lot and helps a lot because I'm so dressed down these days because of work and so on.
(I sometimes think about leave Gyaru)
Thank you so much again gals and guys~

The Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2016 show:

Here are all the nominated in each category (GGA2016)~

And videos of GGA previous years by LIGYARU:

  GGA 2011 - Nominees 

GGA 2011 - Winners 

  GGA 2012 - Nominees 

  GGA 2012 - Winners 

  GGA 2013 - Nominees 

  GGA 2013/2014 - Winners 

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