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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beginner Guide to Gyaru~ ♡

Back in september Heather asked me if I want to record some videos
for her Beginner Guide to Gyaru (BGtG) series to her channel Hime Hime Star.
Of course I did. I'm glad that she asked me to record some for her BGtG because I want
 to help other girls out there to be into Gyaru fashion. 
I don't want Gyaru dead as you may already know.

Before you watch the videos, keep in your mind that I'm Swedish so English
is not my first language. I can say/write some mistakes.
I had a hard time in school and that made it hard for me to learn some english.
All people from Sweden are not that bad at english as me.
Most of my english have I learn by myself the past 3-5 years.
You can see that my english have been little better if you look back 2 years on my
Instagram and compare it with now. So please be kind to me and my bad english.
I have heard a lot that my english suck soooo bad! ;___;
+ I hate my voice. Sounds like a man.

Well, here is the video about the HimeGyaru substyle:

Other videos from BGtG i'm in:


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  Eye Makeup 

  Lip Makeup 

  Circle Lenses 




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