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Friday, February 26, 2016

Fynale Classic Akara Grey~ ♡ (Review)

It's time for a review again.
This time it's lenses from the new lens series Fynale.

I got the chance to try these babies out by Kawaii Deluxe
who is kind to sponsor me with these lenses.

The lenses I got is Fynale Classic Akara Grey.

Stock photos:

My photos:

The package~

I got some extra gifts with the package.

a KitKat chocolate, it was green and yummy but little too sweet for my taste~

a sample of a lip tint from Etude House~

Now, over to the lenses I got!

I got these with lens power and it's really good if your eyesight not are 100% good~

The lenses in the lens case.
 < Right side out - Inside out >

Me wearing the lenses:
< without - with >

Indoor light

Window light

And some selfies:

  Detailed Review:

Design & Color:
5/5  I really like the design and color on these lenses.
I think they blend really well with my own eye color.
They remind me of another pair of lenses I own called TA-62 (Vassen) Grey .

5/5  These lenses really makes your eyes look much more bigger.
The diameter of these lenses are 14.50mm but I think they feels bigger.

5/5  They are comfortable and I can't even feel them when I wear them.
I wear them almost every day since I got them a few weeks ago, haven't had any problem with them.

5/5  I love these lenses (know that I had said that about all lenses I have own)
but I really mean it! Grey lenses are one of my most favs!
They really suits me and I always got compliments about them.

You can find Kawaii Deluxe on:

[Sponsored by Kawaii Deluxe]

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