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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Short life update~ ♡

It have been a while since I updated you about my life and so.
Not that much happening at the moment.
I'm still at my internship, first I should actually go home now 31/12
but was extended for 3 months, yaaay!
I really like my internship and my bosses likes me and think I'm good at the things I do/make.

At my free time I hang out with a few friends, my family and boyfriend ofcourse.
I work with my Winter collection for my brand Hime Nannie as you may already know,
and it feels kinda stressful at the moment.
It's christmas and new years eve soon and I can't unfortunately not release my collection this year as planned, I will hopefully release it at the beginning of next year in January (2016).

This weekend a family member passed away so I'm kinda sad at the moment because of this.
I don't want to talk about it at the moment and I'm not really sure if I will ever do that because
it's kinda personal and hard (I hope you understand that). ;__;

I have dye my hair hot pink and went to a hair dresser after many years XD (2009):
Maybe gonna write a review on the hair dye I used later(?)

Tomorrow I going to Stockholm with my boyfriend and his parents.
Gonna celebrate his grandma who turn 90 years.
We will also do some other stuff as shopping and etc ofcourse.
I haven't been in Stockholm since I was around 13~15. (10 years ago now)
It will be so fun!
If you live in Stockholm and see me, say Hi! ^_^

How are you my cute readers?

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