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Monday, December 21, 2015

My trip to Stockholm~ ♡


Today I'm gonna write about my trip to Stockholm and show you some pictures.
As you may already know, we went to Stockholm (53 miles with car) this wednesday to
celebrate my boyfriend's grandma because she turned 90 years, we stayed at her place.

The first day (wednesday) we didn't do that much.
My boyfriend showed me the house he lived in when he grow up, it's pink and pretty~ ^_-

 The second day we went to Täby Centrum.

The shopping mall is huge!!

Odd Molly~


Victoria's Secret~


Starbucks Coffee~

Cool electric cars~

Pretty shoes, but they was too big for me ;___;

We ate Sushi~

Herbie!!! (Not the real Herbie tho)

After Täby Centrum we went to Lexus.

I want that car, omg!! Cargasm~

Then we went back for fika and food.

Glögg ♡ (mulled wine) So cute paper cup!

Sneaky on that day's shopping~

Next day we went into Stockholm city/centrum.
Here you have "Drottningholms slott" there the Swedish Royal Family lives.
I wanted to shake hand with the king but couldn't because of the guards of course! XD
One day I will shake hand with the king ^^ ♡

Swans and ducks~

Went to Kawaii Shop~

And we also went to Beyond Retro, C.u.m Clubwear(?),
The Science Fiction Book store and a Fabric shop.


5 pairs for 449 SEK, it's a good price.
They are so pretty!!

Finally a new lash glue from Duo. Got it from Kicks. 99 SEK

2x Pocky, one pair of socks with the Triforce (The Legend of Zelda) on ♡
and a cleaning cloth for glasses with My Melody~ From Kawaii Shop.

A book. GuildWars Ghost of Ascalon from Science Fiction Book store.

Overknee socks from C.u.m clubwear(?). Gonna wear those on new years eve.

Warm leggings so I can workout now when it's colder outside. ^^ from XXL sport shop.

And a selfie from wednesday~

I think thats was all for this post, I hope you like it. ♡

Have you been in Stockholm?


  1. Jättesök saker!
    Nice tips for Stockholm! We visited a while ago there but I couldn't find that Kawaii-shop >_<

    1. Thanks cutie~ ♡
      Kawaii-shop is new in Stockholm. It was only in Gothenburg before and a webbshop ^__^
      Maybe you have time to visit it next time you are in Stockholm :3 ♡

  2. Looks like you had such a lovely time, I would love to visit there one day! <3


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