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Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Christmas & Lil' Christmas~ ♡


Today I'm gonna blog about my Christmas and "Lil' Christmas" I celebrated
with two of my brothers and my boyfriend the day before the actual Christmas day
(we celebrate christmas 24 december in Sweden).

So two of my brothers came over this wednesday (23 december) to celebrate Lil' Christmas with us.

Me and my boyfriend made christmas food~
 It was so much food so we all got a food-coma after and listen to
beautiful ballad songs and almost slept (my fault, hahaha).

They got some christmas gifts from us and we got from them.
I will show what I/we got later in this post together with the gifts I got on Christmas.

The actual christmas day we spend with my boyfriend's parents
and a friend; Finn in Simrishamn.

This was my look. Not that much christmasy I planned to but nevermind~
It's christmas every year so ^_^

I didn't took a photo of the christmas food we ate in Simrishamn becuase I forgot to.
I had a glas of Baileys as always when it's christmas.


My "pile" of christmas gifts~
(I don't remember the last time when I got this much gifts)
I guess I have been kind this year :3
So much piink. I love when people know my favorite color!

This is what I got!  ♡

 A new Monster High doll from my boyfriend.

A new game for my Wii U. Got from my boyfriend.

A bracelet with animals on. From my boyfriend's dad (he got it from his photo trip in africa).

Gift cards. From my brothers Daniel & Timmie.
It's for the cinema and a new shop here in Karlshamn.

A LED armband. From my boyfriend's dad.

It has 6 different colors
Red, Green, Blue,
 Amber (yellow), Cyan (baby blue, light blue) & Purple

 Socks from my boyfriend's mom. She made the right ones for me :3

A new straightener. From my boyfriend.
I really needed it because my old one is not good anymore.

A Cupcake maker. It's for me and my boyfriend from his mom and dad~

 Decorative lace with roses for my sewing projects
(I actually saw this when we was in stockholm in a expensive fabric shop and wanted it so bad!)
Got it from my boyfriend's mom.

Cute box~

 Filled with really good to have beauty products~
From my boyfriend's mom.

A cute pink angel, it's perfect for the christmas tree or the window. From my boyfriend's mom.

 Me and my boyfriend got one more gift from my brother Daniel but I forgot to take a picture of it..
I may upload a picture of it on Instagram later (my side account).

So that was all for now. 
How was your Christmas?

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