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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

H&M's Lash Glue Review~ ♡ (not sponsored)

Today I'm gonna make a review on H&M's Lash glue.
First I didn't plan to buy it but since I run out of my lash glue from Duo
and couldn't get my hands on a new one at the moment I had to try H&M's new lash glue out.

 The packageing~

The lash glue cost 39.50~(40) SEK, it's around 4 dollars.
And it's cheap for a 7g lash glue. Duo is also 7g and cost 100 SEK (11 dollars).

The glue is transparent.

Detailed Review:

2/5  The packageing has an easy design and it's boring in my oppinion.

 3/5  The lashes tend to come off in the edges when using this glue and that's not fun if you forget to bring the glue with you when you are at work, school, party etc.
So it's really important to bring it with you because of that.

Wearing & comfort:
3/5  The glue is kinda comfort. But as I said, it tend to make you lashes to fall off..

The glue itself:
3/5  It dries fast and are easy to apply.
It's transparent and smells alcohol/chemicals. It hurts if it comes in the eyes
(yeah I'm so clumsy and got it in my eye the first day I used it XD) so be careful!

3/5   Because it's was not super good. We all know that cheap is not always so good, but it can be.
(and expensive don't have to be good either). You REALLY have to bring it with you.
I really like that the glue dries fast and are easy to apply though.
I can recomend the lash glue to have as an extra if you run out of you favorite glue or just have it in the handbag if you forgot to bring your other one.
My all time favorite glues are Duo and Dollywink so far.

[This post is not sponsored]

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the review! I'm always on the look out for new glues, as the ones I find in stores seem to be so weak, and my lashes always flap off!
    I agree with you! Dolly wink 100%


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