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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New in~ ♡ from Kiseki Shop (review)


I finally got the package from Kiseki Shop today.
It's the package with the clothes I won in a Giveaway many weeks ago,
so I have wait for this package for so long.
I'm super happy!!

I got a backpack with Luna from Sailormoon on it

a black skirt

a t-shirt with Tamagotchi

Got wrong size. The tag says size M but I choosed size S.
So it's a little bit big for me, but it still works and the fabric is super soft.
I wish you could feel it ^^

Pink plateau shoes. They are inspired by the shoe brand Buffalo from the 90's.

I love them so much, but sadly I got the wrong size on these too. 
The shoe says 39 but I choosed size 37.
They are little too big for me but I will try to make it works.
I will see if I will keep them or sell them, not sure.
Maybe have them until I are tired on them, we will see.

I got everything from Kiseki Shop because I won their Giveaway as I said.
So the items was free for me so it's not a super big deal if the sizes are wrong.
I'm still happy and thankful for the items I got. They are super pretty.
I don't know if I have get it wrong or something but I think it's not
Kiseki who send away the orders themself so that's maybe why I got wrong sizes. (dunno)
Kiseki is based in Spain and the package was sent from China.

What do you think about the items I got? Which is your favorite?

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