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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Birthday (and our 1st anniversary)~ ♡

It was my birthday this monday.
Turned 24, so I'm old now. Or nah?
Gonna show you some of my presents I got.

Got all this from my boyfriend's mother. 
She came and visit me this sunday and we ate thaifood on a restaurant~

Nail polish remover~

Nail polish in two different pink shades~

Base, top coat, strengthener - Yes all in one~! ^__^

A pink knit counter~

It has a happy face!! :)))

I really needed this knit counter because I always forgot how many rows I have knit because
it's so easy to forget XD

I have a knit count app in my phone called SimpleCount
(click to download)

I don't need it anymore, haha~

Another knit app I have is Knit
(click to download)

In that app you can save all your knitting projects and write down notes. ^__^


So prettyyyy, love the colors~!

Cotton pads~


I got a Selfie stick from my boyfriend~
ofc it's pink! :3

It was a pretty rose on the table when I went home from my internship~

My boyfriend made some Thaifood

And a strawberry cake, yum yum~

Also two of my brothers (Daniel & Timmie) came over.
They ate thaifood and cake with us.
And they had presents for me too.

Got this Speaker from them.
It has bluetooth~

Daniel had some clothes with him who Fii had sent with him.

A tunic/ dress(?)

A dress

and shorts. But they looks like a skirt :3

Fii really know my taste in fashion~

I had a really good birthday, better than the birthday I had last year. 
I was so sad last year on my birthday and I don't want to talk about it because of some reasons..

Today me and my boyfriend celebrated our 1st anniversary!
The time has go so fast. It feels like we had been together much longer
because we know everything about each other and can talk about everything.
He can really see on me if anything is wrong or if I are sad or thinking on something.
I'm sure that he is the Man I want to marry.
I know I had said that before about other boyfriends I had but at that time I was much
younger and didn't know much about love.
Now I really know how it feels and how it's.
Love is him. Love is us.

As you already know I moved in at his place really early, after 1 or 2 months.
Some may think that it's tooooo early. But I don't care becuase it was our choice.
Well, end of that.

We took a walk this evening. It was so cozy~

We planned to eat Sushi but the Sushibar was closed.. ;___;

So we ate Thaifood instead
We ate exact the same we ate when we met for the first time (or the second day)
and we also sat on the exact same table. So romantic, ehh? Hahah~

So I guess it was all for now. See you in the next post.

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