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Monday, November 23, 2015

My favorites from Sanrense~ ♡



Today I'm gonna show you my favorites from the shop Sanrense.

Sweet flower dress~

Sweet bow heeled shoes~

College wind lace stockings~

Sweet lolita shoes~

Cute kawaii love sweater~

Cute stockings~

Fashion bow long-sleeved t-shirt~

Fashion lace high-heeled boots~

Fashion sweet high-heeled shoes~

Cute My Melody bag~

Floral dress~

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Which is your favorite?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Princess Mimi Apple Green~ ♡ (Review)


Today I'm gonna do a review on one pair of lenses I got from Kawaii Deluxe.
Kawaii Deluxe is based in the Netherlands and they sell lenses,
beauty products, magazines and clothes.

 The lenses I got is Princess Mimi Apple Green.

Stock photo:

My Photos:

I got my lenses with lens power because I need it. (I'm an old lady you know *sarcasm*)
If you think you can't wear circle lenses just because you need to wear you glasses - stop with that!
You can actually order circle lenses with the power you need.
It's important that you go to the optician and look up what power you need in your lenses
before you order them anywhere online.

It's important that you buy authentic lenses. Don't buy cheap lenses on eBay etc.

The lenses in the lens case~
< Right side out - Inside out >

Close-up photos of the lenses worn~
< With - Without >

Indoor light

Window light

Outdoor light

Full face pictures:

Detailed Review:

Design & Color:  
5/5  I really like the green color on these lenses. They are green and I have seen other
green lenses that don't look green on the eyes at all (looks black).
The Princess Mimi lens series is my favorite of all time. I own my third pair (becuase they expire)
of the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown and I really love them.
I wear them often and I will wear those Apple Green often too to my everyday styles.
They look really good to Rokku Gyaru outfits (as I wore today)
and I think they will look good for Cosplays too.

5/5  The lenses are 14.8 mm and they makes my eyes to look much bigger as you can see
in the close-up picture.

 5/5  They are super comfortable and don't hurt at all. I use lenses from the Princess Mimi series almost everyday and I have never had any problem with them.

5/5  I love them so much. They are my new favorites and I really like that they look green
and not black on my eyes, that's really good.
I need to get my hands on the Sesam Grey ones in the same lens serie
soon because I know they will look good on my naturally bluegrey eyes.

I'm really happy to be a Ambassador on Kawaii Deluxe and that they choosed me.
I have follow them since I saw Jojo whrite about them many years ago
(Jojo's blog, instagram, tumblr)

You can find Kawaii Deluxe on:


[Sponsored by Kawaii Deluxe]

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