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Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Internship - The 3 first weeks~ ♡

Hello everyone~

Today I'm gonna show you some pictures of me in my toned down looks for my Internship
and talk a little about what I do at my Internship. ^^

I interning at a Fabric store/ Sewing service and I really like it.

A picture of me from my first day at my internship:
(3 weeks ago)

Pictures of me and my outfits from other days at my internship:

 With my own hair. It's so ugly at the moment but I'm gonna recolor it soon, can't wait~

The outfits:

I know that my outfits are a little bit boring but I try to make them cuter.

At the moment I make christmas themed stuff.
The first week I made two fabric bags and one pillow with cute bears on.
Made both pillow case and the pillow inside ^^
(I don't have pictures of it at the moment but i'm gonna get some and update this post later..)

On my second week I made a pillow as I did on my first week for a woman at my internship.
(she really liked the pillow I made so she wanted to have one for herself)
Then I started to make the pattern for a dress that I sewing on at the moment
on this week (my third week).
So at the moment I work on a christmas dress in a brown cute fabric and I knitting a shawl.

I also made a side account for my Instagram so I can spam random pictures from my life.
(I don't want to destroy my feed on my main account and so on.. XD)

So, that was all for the moment. See you in the next post! ♡


  1. Ah I'm glad you're having a good time at your internship and that the lady liked your pillows! You're so lucky you can wear makeup... I don't have time for that in the mornings ;_;

    1. Yeah, I'm glad she liked my pillow ^^
      I start at my internship at 10:00 everyday so I have time for it in the morning, but maybe we gonna start at 8:00 soon and I will be too tired in the morning for makeup XD


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