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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life update & "⚜HimeNannie" Instagram~

Hello everyone!

How are you? I'm fine, I have so much to do and so much upcoming stuff.
I'm gonna start on a new Internship 12 october and it's a perfect place for me so I can't wait.
On saturday me, my boyfriend and a friend to him are going to see W.A.S.P in my city
and on sunday we will leave to Gotland for a week, I have never been there before so
it will be fun to spend some time on Gotland.

Last Friday I went to my friend Ami's birthday party in Karlskrona.
The theme was: "Don't come as yourself / as you always looks like"
I dressed in all black! ^^

Kinda Rokku Gyaru-ish~

You can never take too many derpy pictures! ^__-

I gave Ami a handmade gift by me. (My brand)

These are my "Basic Wristies" in Black.
I will sell Wristies like those and in many other designs on my webshop in the future,
so stay tuned~!

What do you think?

And I also made a Instagram for my brand, go and follow if you want:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Teri meri prem kahani - Bodyguard | Cover by me~

Hello everyone!

I made a cover of the song Teri meri prem kahani from the movie Bodyguard.
I sing on Indian and as you already know i'm Swedish
so Indian is not my first language. Maybe I sang some words wrong (i don't know).

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy Monday Review~ [Sponsored]


Today I'm gonna review some clothes I got from Happy Monday~
Happy Monday is a store based in Thailand, they sell cute clothes for a really good price.

The items I got is a crop top and a skirt.
Stock photos:

 (Click the pictures to see the products in the store)

My Photos:

Me wearing it:


Detailed Review:

5/5 I Choosed both the skirt and top in size S and I think they suit perfect on my tiny but curvy body.
(My bust size is 90 cm and waist is 73 cm)

5/5 They look so good, better in real life than they do in the stock photos.

5/5 It's good and well made in my opinion.
(I'm a designer myself and I look closely on items how they are made and so on..)
The seams are very fine and made with a good thread.

5/5 It's Sailor Moon on it and it's so perfect. I'm a Sailor Moon fan since I was little.
I know Sailor Moon have been kinda mainstream nowadays but I don't care, 
I'm a real fan and I have watch the show so many times. 
(I even have old Sailor Moon comics from 1999)
So I'm really happy with this top and skirt.
I can recommend Happy Monday and I'm gonna get myself more clothes from them.
Happy Monday is one of my new favorite stores online.

 Happy Monday is also on Instagram.

[Sponsored by Happy Monday]

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