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Monday, August 17, 2015

YinekoShop Review~ [Sponsored]


It's time for a review. This time it's a choker I got from Yinekoshop.
The shop is based in the Netherlands and sell cute chokers and other accessorys for a good price.

The stock photo:
(click on the photo to come to the product side)

And my photos:  

The package~

The choker was stored in a cute jewelry bag. It's pink~!

Me wearing it:

Detailed Review

5/5 The choker fits perfect on my neck and it stays on place.

5/5 It's look super cute. It's fluffy, pink and white - my favorite color combination. PERFECT!

5/5 The quality is really good and it's worth the prize.

5/5 Love my new choker from Yineko and I want to collect more chockers from Yinekoshop 
and I think YOU should do the same! :3
Think it suits my style and many other japanese fashion styles.
I can recommend Yinekoshop, not only because of hers items - also because she is really kind.
You can get this choker and many more on Yinekoshop!
Start to collect now~

Yineko is also on Instagram.

[Sponsored by Yinekoshop]

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