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Monday, August 17, 2015

Where have I been(?) Part 2 - ⚜HimeNannie Design, Shopping, Outfits & Summer~

Hello everyone!
I'm back with a new update, this is Part 2. Read Part 1 here>>.

⚜HimeNannie Design~

As you may already know, I'm into fashion design att have go on a textile school.
My brand is HimeNannie
You can like my brand on Facebook << Thank you~!!

I work on my first collection at the moment and I hope I can open my shop very soon.
My first collection will be a winter collection, that is all I can say for the moment.
So stay tuned~ ^__^

This is how my tag looks:

I really love it! Pink and glitter, it's so me~

Some of my fabrics and my mannequin Angela:

My followers helped me to give my mannequin a name.

Here are some of my works. What do you think?

 I also made "leggies" to my friends Cajsa and Karna.

Here is some pictures of Cajsa wearing my Bat-leggies "Miss Kurayami".
The Alien-leggies name are "Miss Astronomia" and I made them for Karna.
I don't have any pictures of her wearing them yet~

I think I will sell those in my shop later but I'm not sure.
Many have already ask me to sell them and that's fun and it makes me happy that people like my designs.

I'm gonna make clothes that fits for Gyaru Fashion and Alternativ Fashion.


Who don't like shopping? ^__^
I'm gonna show you some of the stuffs I have buy the last months!

I got a pink bike from my boyfriend..
 And a car!! ^0^

 I don't have a driving license yet, but I work with it!~

Outfit's and look's~

Here are some outfits and looks:

 I got new glasses~ XD
My outfit on the last day in school. I'm wearing a corset I have sew~
My look of that day:
 When I left home that day I had got flowers and chocolate from my boyfriend.
He was in Finland that time and could not be with me that day when I ended school.
I love him so much!!

When he went home from Finland we ate yummy strawberrys with cream in the garden~


So the summer is soon over and this summer I haven't do so much.
I have spent time with my boyfriend, family and friends.
Went to Sweden Rock Festival 2015 in the beginning of the summer.
It was party at my brother's (Daniel) place.

This was my look:

I went to Cajsa's and Mashy's party in Karlskrona.
It was Alice in wonderland theme.
I was a cat~
This was my outfit and look:

I went to Tosia in Ronneby~
This was my outfit and look.

Went to Karlshamn Baltic Festival 2015 (Östersjöfestivalen)
Outfit and look:

Went to Karlskrona to hang out with Cajsa and Karna two weeks ago.
This was my outfit:
Me, Karna and Cajsa. Took the photo from Cajsa's Instagram~

Met and old friend (Susanne) one week ago.
This was my outfit and look:

 We ate Sushi at Sushibar Maki~
And we went to the Thai store here in my town and we bought drinks.
It was sooo disgusting!!! Euw!

And another day I met Susanne I had this casual outfit:

So this was all for my big update I think.
I tried to write about the most interesting things from my life the past time.

I have some upcoming sponsored reviews and non sponsored reviews.
Stay tuned~!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have change my blogaddress to himenannie.blogspot.com as you can see and because of that I lost all my followers on bloglovin' - It made me little sad.
You can follow my blog via Bloglovin' here >> follow.


  1. oh wow *-* all is so cute and cool!
    Really happy you're back ^ ^
    I love your style, cute outfits and amazing hairstyles!
    You look like a real hime *-*

    1. aw, I'm so happy someone is glad that I'm back to blogging. I'm happy that it's people who still read my blog and comment ^^
      Thanks for all your kind words, that's really makes me happy :3


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