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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where have I been(?) Part 1 - Life, Christmas, NewYear, Friends, Gothenburg, Malmö & Tirak~

Wow! Long time no lifestyle/update post..
But as you already know, I'm the worst blogger ever >>

So.. last time I blogged about my life was in Decemer 2014, last year.. so almost a year ago(?)
You maybe wonder where I have been?

If not - go away ^__^
If you do - keep reading.

I start to write about Christmas~

Christmas 2014~

On Christmas I was at my sister's (Lindha) place.
Not with my boyfriend because we had not been together that long yet.
We had food, snacks and fun. Cozy of course!

I got a present from my sister. I really needed it!

This was my Outfit and look for Christmas:

Going out~

New Year 2014~

On New Year I was at my brother's (Daniel) place. This time my boyfriend was with me.
Before we went to Daniels place we hade some cheese at home and I dressed up.

 My Love!

 Daniel took this photo of us~

Girl Night in February~

I was in Karlskrona with my girls at Johannas (Mixi) place. 
We played games, ate yummy vegan food and had a sleepover.

This was my outfit and look~

Gothenburg with School~

Went to Gothenburg with School in February. As I did last year too.
This time I don't write so much about it. I just have some pictures to show.

My packing before I left home~


 Derpy ^__-

Strawberrys on the bus, yum!~

My lunch~


Got some new fabrics~

Malmö with Tirak~

Went to Malmö with Tirak in April. Just for some shopping and stuff.
We stayed at a Hotel.


Cute lollipop~ It says "puss" and that means kiss in Swedish~

Ate yummy sushi at a sushibar~

I took this photo just for fun. The car says "skinny" XD

And my Shopping~

This was my favorite find in Malmö. 
I thrifted it and the brand is Roberta, don't know what brand that is 
but I only got it because it looks little like a Jesus Diamante dress. I love it!~


Tirak is my boyfriends nickname online. 
Tirak means darling in Thai, he is adopted from Thailand and I call him Tirak just because he do not want to write his real name online because of his job and he don't want to be official.
I'm official and he don't have any problem with that~

He is not only my boyfriend, he is my partner too.
I moved in at his place early this year and that was the best thing I ever did.
He is so perfect for me!

We made Sushi some weeks ago. It was his first time to make homemade sushi~

and we made Miso soup!

This was all for now.
It took long time to make this blogpost so the next part comes soon.

Thanks for reading~

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