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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review; Brown and Purple mixed Wig~ [Sponsored]

Hi Princesses and Princes~!

Today I'm gonna review a wig I got Sponsored by


Stock photo(s);


The wig shipped to me fast (with EMS) from China. It was posted 25/2 and I got it last Thursday (13/3).

The wig was packed well in the package.

It's quite long~

With bangs~

A good quality wig should have this kind of lace thing inside:

And some photos of me wearing the wig:

With hair accessory~

In window light~

Light in bathroom~

(Low) light in livingroom~

Full body pic in mirror:

Outside. It blew so much, haha~

Detailed Review

5/5  The wig can fit everybody. It is adjustable. 
I have a small head and have set it on the smallest size possible in this wig.

5/5  It's look so pretty and thick even if it is a little thin. 
I love the purple and pink shades in it becuase this is my favorite colors.
I think it looks mor blond than brown that you can see in the stockphotos
but it does not bother me because it was much nicer like this.

5/5  The quality is fine, looks good and feels good. The wig is soft and cozy feel in your hands.

5/5  I LOVE this wig! I suits really well to Lolita styles and Sweet Gyaru style like I wear in these pictures.
I've only used this wig for two days now and I have received many nice compliments. 
One person has even thought it was my real hair. ^_^
I will recommend this wig. You can get your wig >here<

[Sponsored by Lolitadressesonline.com]

Monday, March 10, 2014

In progress..~

Hi Princesses and Princes!

I'm so bad at blogging about my school. As you already know I go in a "Folk Högskola".. I don't really know how to write it in english but It's a Highschool but a more free one (alternative one)? Yeah, I'm really bad to explain things sometimes but I hope you understand what I mean tho. XD

I study Textile at this School and it is so fun. I learn new things every day. 
I want to be a Fashion Designer and want to have my own clothing brand some day~
Big dreams I know.. but I'm a really strong person and I belive in "magic" haha. Well I know that I'm gonna be something good in the future! I don't want to sound like a Bitch but I'm just positive with this. 
It's not funny to always hear any negative things like "It's sorry for me bla bla bla...".

Back to the topic.. Just now I sewing a garment in School. I don't want to tell you too much about it yet because I want you to see the result later when I'm done with it. But It is a Hime garment. Since I'm a Himegal I'm gonna sew mostly Hime clothes and I think we need more Hime brands in the world~

Here is my workplace in School~

The fabric I work with~

Adding some lace details~

And all the lace is on~!

I have worked more with this today but I forgot to take more pictures
I will maybe post some more later this week.

Here you have some selca's (selfie pic spam) from last week:

It was all for today. Thanks for reading and see you in my next blogpost!
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