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Friday, February 21, 2014

Christmas/ New Year/ New gets/ Update~

Hi Princesses and Princes!

Long time no see. During the time I was away, a lot of things had happened and I just needed a break for myself. Sorry! ;__;

Today I'm gonna write about Christmas and New year.. I'm almost 2 month late with this post.
But better late than never, eh?

So, I celebrated Christmas at my sister Lindha's place.
We ate yummy food, watched "From all of us to all of you" on tv and opened christmas gifts.

This was my outfit:

And facelook:

The Christmas tree~

And my lovely boyfriend (Prince) Matin~

We together~

Me derping, haha~

This was the first time my boyfriend celebrated Christmas
Some of you maybe already know he is from Afghanistan and is Muslim.

The yummy Christmas food my sister and her husband made~

My Christmas gifts:

New Monster High doll from my sister Zandra. Lagoona Blue from 13 Wishes~

So that was a part of my Christmas. How was yours?

I spent the New Years eve with my sister Zandra, brother Mikael and my prince Matin.
My other sister Lindha was with us little~

This was my Outfit~

And facelook:

Derpy me~

Me and Zandra~

We had a great new years eve and had so much fun~

Today I got new hime dresses!
From La Pafait and Princess Melody!!!

Waaaah~!! I'm so so happy that I finally have one of my dream dresses~!
Princess Melody~

So what have happend more since I last updated?
I have begin school again after the Christmas holiday.
We have begin with sewing in school now, made our own underclothes. Panties and tops. 
(I will upload photos then I begin school again, we have "sportlov" now)
Soon the holiday is over and time for school again. 
We will take a trip to Göteborg then school starts again, I can't wait! 
And soon it's my friend Linn's birthday party, it will be so fun~!
Soon, In April I will move to a new and bigger Apartment. In the same town but better place. I can't live anymore there I live now because many reasons. One of them is that it's really dangerous. Example this monday a person stabbed another person (a worker) in the stomach with a knife.  
In a apartment in the stairwell that I live in. ;__; 
And some people creeps me out
Like an man who ran around everywhere and say "hiiiiiii~iii" with a creepy voice when I pass him. 
I met him self the other day and later on the same day I met him In the center of town together with my sister Zandra and my prince Matin, he stopped then he saw us and looked In Zandra's face and said: "Oj oj oj oj oj oj.." - so random. Like WTF. I don't like it.. ;__; 
Leave us alone plz. fuckuself~
So these was some of many reasons, I will don't tell more just now and I hope you are fine with that.

Well.. here you have some of my latest selcas:


"Hi I'm Princess Fish"

Soon I will get my second item from my Sponsor, so a new review will be up
soon then I have got my new item~

So it was all for now~
Thanks for reading and please comment if you want.
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