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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The worst blogger in the world(?)~ [Picture heavy]

Hi everyone~!

Loooong tiiiime no seeeee! I'm the worst blogger in the world, i'm so so sorry..
But as you can see, i'm still alive! ^_^
I have not blog since I moved into my new apartment in April this year. It's so bad. I think(?)
Well, It have happend so much in my life so I don't know if I really can share everything with you. 
If I do that this post will be the longest blogpost ever in the blogworld, haha~
I guess I will blog about the most important and interesting things that have happend, eh?
I don't know where I should start. I always find it hard to start with stuffs. 
Maybe it's one of the reasons why I don't have update my blog(?) 
Yeah many questions, I know..
But one thing is really sure, I have miss my blog and my blogreaders!! ^0^/
Let's start to catch-up!


I have had summer holiday, go on events, got some new stuffs, some outfits and selfies/selcas, start school again, broke up with Matin and meet a new boyfriend ("C") and so on.

Harukacon 3.0

This summer I was at Harukacon 3.0 in Karlskrona~

My Outfits;


Me and my friend Cajsa~

Minori and me (I had to cover my face because I look like s*it in that photo, hahah~)


This summer it was Tosia in Ronneby (as usual every year)
I took some outfits and selfies but I can't find them just now 
but you can find some on my Instagram @ Nanakikaw.
I was at a party at Zandras place.
Nina was also there so we took a friendsie~

Live Green 2014

1-2 August I was at Live Green in Karlskrona.
I was a model in a Recycling Fashion Show.
My outfit was a dress I have made in school~

Some selfies;

Me, Alexandra and Mashy~ (picture from Mashy's Instagram, I look akward haha~)

 Video from the Fashion Show;


The school started again in August. I study my second year at Textile now.

This is me from one of the first days. We had a "fika". Karna (my new classmate) took the picture~

My School projects;




A "Fabric folder"



A small project:

A sneaky on my new small project~

Pink is mine and black is Cajsa's ^_^

Halloween and My Birthday

I turned 23

Halloweenparty at Cajsa's and Jonte's place~
Cajsa, Karna and Me.

Karna and Me~



Some outfits. I can't find more at the moment. Sorry ;__;

Outfit for School:

Outfit from my Brother Daniel's birthdayparty:

From May. Party/Agejo outfit. Malins birthdayparty:

New haircolor

I colored my hair red 1,5 month ago.
From ginger-red to blood-red 

(Less makeup)


New stuffs

Some new stuff~ ^__^

LaPafait stockings

Hime Twintails~


Monster High (and Ever After High)~

MH Shampoo and Lipbalm~

I won a Clawdeen Wolf WonderWolf (Power Ghoule) in a Giveaway on Youtube~

My collection so far:

The Break up~

As I said earlier in this post. Me and Matin broke up.
I broke up with him..
I can't say why here on the blog because it is private!
I am personal but private online and it's because I have a private life too, eh?
I met a new "C" and he is awesome. He makes me happy and warm.

Yummy Thaifood from one of our first date's!


And some awesome photos I have take in Karlshamn~

Aaaand photos of me from today~
Today was the last day in school before the Christmas holiday.

Guess that I don't have more for now(?) 
I have an upcoming review, but first I must find time to take some photos. It's really boring/bad weather in Sweden just now, It's December you know..

Tomorrow I'm gonna go and see the doctor.
I hope everything will go well.. 
Now it's time to go and take a shower and then sleep.

Frangipani Flower