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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hi Princesses!

First of all I want to say THANKS! to my cute followers!
I have passed 50 followers through Google Friend Connect!
I was so happy yesterday when I logged in and saw it and saw I also had received many comments. 
I responded to the comments yesterday but unfortunately not had time blogging but I blog a bit now.

Bestie followed me to school this monday.
It was so fun.
I followed her home after school and we had a Fika at her place.
Chocolate cake with whipped cream and ice cream
The plate looks big in the picture but it was a small plate~
So yummy~!

Ahhh, and I forget.. 
After school when me and Bestie drove home we made a small Instavideo in the car.. haha~

Harlem (Car)Shake~

This was my Outfit;
And some selcas;

I worked with my Knit-Project in School~

Yesterday me and Cajsa eat Chinese food for lunch at the restaurant China Town here in my hometown.


Our food~

After the food we got Coffee and Fortune cookies~

 "Perform a good need today"

Me yesterday~

We were at a Workshop at "Kulturcentrum" with the school.


I made this makeup bag and I got some silver fabric over and made two bows of it.
Thought it was a shame to throw it~!
What do you think

Today I worked on my Knit-Project again,
and I knitted so good but found that I had done little wrong so had to start where I started today.

I have to start over tomorrow again. And maybe take my Project home over the Christmas holiday so I can be done with my Project~

Today's (Sweet Gyaru) Outfit;


Close up on the makeup;

After school I hang out with my sister. We eat sallad and talked a lot. I love her and I'm glad that we can talk about exactly everything!~

So I think this was all for today, now I'm gonna take it easy and read some blogs before It's time for my Beauty sleep. School again tomorrow.

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