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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Big Update~ (Picture heavy)

Hi Princesses!

I know I'm bad at update you whats going on in my life
Sometimes it happend much and sometimes nothing.
But this period Autumn/Winter makes me so tired and depressed and I find it hard
to get motiation to blog, but I love to update my followers whats going on because
you are the best followers.
I don't want to write a wall of text today because I want to share much photos for you instead~

I still going in school and soon it's Christmas holiday.
We have started to work on or owns project in school
Some of my classmates weaving and some do something els. 
I have knitted a tubescarf with white pearls in it
You can se it in the picture under here..

After I have knitted it and sewing it lite a tube i brushed the scarf and it became so fluffy. I love it.
It's so Princessy, perfect hime scarf for winter~

The scarf is more beatiful IRL tho..

Now I have started on a matched top and I'm goning to share pictures of it when it is done.
It comes to be perfect~

Every wednesday we eat a swedishfika together, me and my classmates.
I love the plates so much.
And some weeks ago I had a bad day so I bought myself Sushi. Thehe~

Two or three weeks ago Seike came to a event here in Ronneby
Here are my outfit from that day. I took it in my Bestie's mirror~
And some Selcas~

Seike and Adora BatBrat had a Interview. They are so perfect~

Me and Seike. I look so f**ked up beside him! He is so pefect~ (sometimes I hate myself)

And a photo of me. Bestie took it. I think it turned out great.. i think.. haha~
I must be better on Pose:ing

Sometimes I try out different Gyaru Substyles
Some days ago I made a Rokku-inspired look and outfit (I don't have pictures of the outfit, sorry)

Lately I have become more obsessed on Monster High. I have a top with Monster High
a chocolate calendar, seen all the movies and the webisodes. 
And I have got my very first MH doll!
I got it from my Boyfriend. I'm so happy. I got Clawdeen Wolf (I have heard from many that I'm so lucky who get the "Basic Clawdeen Wolf" because she is hard to find now) 
Yes, I'm really happy because she is one of the best, next time I will get Lagoona Blue~

Two weeks ago (I think? The time goes so fast so I don't know what day it was
me and Bestie meet up and going to town for some shopping.
First we looked in so stores and then took a "swedish fika" on "Andra våningen". 
I took a Chai Latte and a pink Donut, yummy~

Bestie taking a picture of hers fika~

A selca from that day~

A picture of me and Bestie. Taken with hers iPhone (I stole the picture from hers Facebook)

A selca I took of me in the car with my cute earmuffs on~

After the fika we were and looked in more stores until we got tired and went to a thrift store.
We even went to "munktrappan" and took some pictures of Bestie's outfit for her blog. 
She also took some of my but only on the outdoor outfit~

Sometimes I'm too lazy and put on a casual look~

When me and Bestie hangout on hers place we always have some cute and yummy snacks, we need to stop with this because I have been so chubby lately. But it's hard because it's so yummy, eh~

Yesterday me and Bestie went to a event called Alternative Café. I thought it was for alternative persons but I have wrong. It was a workshop and it was almost only kids and old people on this place so we went after five minutes, hahah~ I think we need more fun event here in my town, I know I live in a really small town and I can't expect something big, but we need someting for alternativ people. I need to find more friends/people who are more like me.
There are a few alternative people here in my town but they hide themself
I don't know but I rarely see them.

Oh well, this was my outfit yesterday~ (Inndoor)


And some selcas~

And Bestie took some better photos of my outdoor outfit~

So I think it was all for today.


  1. Nanahime is so pretty! All
    Your dresses are so lovely ^^

  2. awww you look so cute and i really love your makeup, what kind of lower lashes are you using in this pic? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dKazU2qN4pU/UqTiq3d-OnI/AAAAAAAABuQ/FxMpv5-iAbw/s1600/IMG_7140.JPG they look perfect on you *^* and i really like also your outfits, they're so wintery *^*

    1. awww thank you princess! ^.^ I'm glad you like it! <3 I use "Diamond Lash Series 2 No.5 Princess Eye (Lower Lash)" on that piture~

  3. The pictures are so cute.
    You are really pretty :3
    I wish I could have a fika with you all together :'D
    I really need to visit sweden one day <3
    I'd love to see more pics of you wearing other styles :)

    1. Thank you so much!~ ;3
      You should came to Sweden some day and have a fika with me and some friends. I would be so awesome!~
      Yes, I will try out more, but I love Hime and Agejo so much. I will try out Lolita (Hime Lolita) next year, in the Spring~ <3 ^.^

  4. Hi lovely, just followed you on all your social media sites. Love your blog! xx


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