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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Harukacon 2.0~

Hi Princesses!~

Long time no see.. I'm finally back on my blog again. I have not had a good computer to blog from the past few months as you may already know. It has been so slow and bad so I have not had the patience to blog really. On my birthday I got a hard drive from my sister for my laptop. So now my laptop works much better. I had no way to drain the old hard drive of pictures before I switched to the new so many pictures are gone for the moment. It was many of the pictures I wanted to post on the blog but I can maybe do in the future when I've fixed the old one and got hold of the pictures again~

Today I'm gonna blog about the
Convention Harukacon 2.0 as I was on in September. Better late than never? ^_~

I borrow some pics from my Instagram since I've updated it quite diligently.
Can not access my photos in a different way, as I said~

A selca a took before my friend Susse picked me up by car~

On the way to Harukacon 2.0~! (Karlskrona)

Some random pictures from Harukacon 2.0~!
I met the famous Adora BatBrat on Harukacon 2.0. She is so sweet and kind. I have met her more times after that. She is a good friend to my cute classmate Cajsa Kurayami.~

Me and Susse~

On the way home I bought a Frappe at McDonald's. It was really yummy~!

A few days after the convention, I was featured in the magazine BLT (Our local news magazine)
I look so fat on all pictures haha~
This picture is so me.. Nande? TwT
 Well, I need to loose some weigth.. 

Susse also took some pictures with her systemcamera;

All the girls who were models in the Japanese fashion show~!

That was all for today. I'm planing to do a post about my recent outfits next time. What do you think?
And I also making a Swedish blog for my Swedish readers.. (will maybe link to it later).
I'm going to keep this blog.

I forgot to post this video. A girl at Harukacon 2.0 came to me and asked if I wanted to be in her "Cosplay Video". I'm not cosplaying, I'm a everyday gyaru (almost) Hime/Agejo Gyaru~
But I still wanted to be in the video. I'm at 2:51 in the video.. Enjoy~! 

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