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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

小悪魔ageha November 2013~

Hi Princesses!

Today I'm gonna show you some pictures of 小悪魔ageha November 2013~!
I took the pictures some weeks ago but have not had any time to show them before.
And the December issue is on the way to me..

With this issue it comes a makeup bag from Liz Lisa~!

And Himena makeup~! I love her so much, she inspire me.

Halloween makeup (I know Halloween is over but for some it's Halloween every day!)

Halloween outfits~!

That's was all I wanted to show you from this issue. I almost post pictures from all my issues I got.  
Do you like when I post them or you think it is boring? I just like to share it with you~

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Harukacon 2.0~

Hi Princesses!~

Long time no see.. I'm finally back on my blog again. I have not had a good computer to blog from the past few months as you may already know. It has been so slow and bad so I have not had the patience to blog really. On my birthday I got a hard drive from my sister for my laptop. So now my laptop works much better. I had no way to drain the old hard drive of pictures before I switched to the new so many pictures are gone for the moment. It was many of the pictures I wanted to post on the blog but I can maybe do in the future when I've fixed the old one and got hold of the pictures again~

Today I'm gonna blog about the
Convention Harukacon 2.0 as I was on in September. Better late than never? ^_~

I borrow some pics from my Instagram since I've updated it quite diligently.
Can not access my photos in a different way, as I said~

A selca a took before my friend Susse picked me up by car~

On the way to Harukacon 2.0~! (Karlskrona)

Some random pictures from Harukacon 2.0~!
I met the famous Adora BatBrat on Harukacon 2.0. She is so sweet and kind. I have met her more times after that. She is a good friend to my cute classmate Cajsa Kurayami.~

Me and Susse~

On the way home I bought a Frappe at McDonald's. It was really yummy~!

A few days after the convention, I was featured in the magazine BLT (Our local news magazine)
I look so fat on all pictures haha~
This picture is so me.. Nande? TwT
 Well, I need to loose some weigth.. 

Susse also took some pictures with her systemcamera;

All the girls who were models in the Japanese fashion show~!

That was all for today. I'm planing to do a post about my recent outfits next time. What do you think?
And I also making a Swedish blog for my Swedish readers.. (will maybe link to it later).
I'm going to keep this blog.

I forgot to post this video. A girl at Harukacon 2.0 came to me and asked if I wanted to be in her "Cosplay Video". I'm not cosplaying, I'm a everyday gyaru (almost) Hime/Agejo Gyaru~
But I still wanted to be in the video. I'm at 2:51 in the video.. Enjoy~! 

Frangipani Flower