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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Geo; Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens Review~

Hi Princesses!
Today I'll do a review of my new circle lenses.
My old ones started to be old so I ordered new ones!~

As you can se, I ordered new eyelashes and one highlight too~ 
I have only used cheep ones from Ebay before so I wanted to try branded lashes this time. 
I choosed Diamond Lash Series 2 - No.3 Angel Eye (Upper Lash) and Diamond Lash Series 2 - No.5 Princess Eye (Lower Lash). The Highlight is from Candy Doll (Cheek Color Highlight Marshmallow Violet) I got the wrong one, I ordered the pink one "Peach Pink". But I'm going to get them next time and make a review of this purple one soon.

With every lens you order will you get one animal Lens case for free. This time I got a yellow Hippo. ^_^
Or.. I think it's a Hippo, haha I don't know. lol~

The lenses in the lenscase.

Stock picture - Geo; Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi series)

Without Lens - With Lens
(Sorry, Not the best quality. But I'm going to buy a better camera soon)

With both lenses. And I wearing my new Diamond lashes here. I love them so so much.

A selca of me then I wear my new lenses and lashes.
And I need to color my hair. My hair don't match my prisila pieces at the moment.

I love these lenses so much, It hide my real eyecolor better than other lenses I have used before and I going to get these lenses in other colors too. I want all colors from Princess Mimi (Bambi series).

What do you think?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

小悪魔ageha October 2013~

Hi Princesses!~

I got a new issue of 小悪魔ageha in the mail this week. 
With this issue comes a makeup-bag from Cecil McBee.

The makeup bag is so soft!~ *-*

And I also want to tell you that It's hard for me to update the blog. I don't really know why, when I try to upload pictures here on Blogspot take it so loooong time. I hope it will be better soon. I miss to blog and I love it so much but just now it is so hard. I don't know if it depends on my computer or network. I will soon post the blogpost about Harukacon 2.0 - The convention I was on in the beginning of September~


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