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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My brother's Birthday party~

Hi Princesses!

First of all will I say welcome to all my new cute followers~
I have not updated my blog for a while now.
Sorry, I need to be better on it and I knooow, I always say that.
I don't have much inspiration to blog. Mostly when I get the inspiration for blogging have I not time, access to a computer or are tired (in the middle of the night).
I have a few blogpost I planning to do now.

  My Brother's Birthday Party
 Harukacon 2.0 

This blogpost will be about My Brother's (Daniel) Birthday!

Last weekend on Saturday had my Brother a Birthday Party. He turned 30!
I met my dad, his wife, my half brother David, my granny (on dads side), my other Brother Mikael and his girlfriend Angelica. It's been awhile since I met them, so it was nice to see them again.

A Selca from this day~

I did a Himena Ousaki Inspired hair~
What do you think?

I did not took a good picture on the whole outfit. I forgot that. Sorry.

The gift I gave my Brother:
The Walking Dead Comic book.
So, maybe some of you thinking now.. "Why gave you him a comic book when he turned 30 years?!"
I have the response. First of all, It is a comic book for adults. I have read it by myself (but some parts from the first book) and I liked It and I wanted to recommend it for my brother. And I already know that he like the Tv Series The Walking Dead. I think you will never grow up from reading comics, eh

The party was for our family the first hours. We ate a yummy Swedish "Smörgåstårta" and a Birthdaycake after it. My tummy was so full after all this food. Haha~

Me and Angelica

 Later began the real party and my brother's friends came. We all had really fun. We played a game called Music quiz. I was in the Team "Contra" and my team did not win. 
My other Brother Mikael drove me home in the middle of the night because I needed to sleep and go to Harukacon 2.0 the next day.

I took two pictures the evening before my Brother's Party when I had a cozy evening with a Peel off Facemask.

And a "Sexy" picture of me with the mask on~

That was all about my Brother's Birthday Party.
Have a nice evening and see you in my next blogpost.


  1. omg amazing hair!!! They are perfect!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your brother, Nana!!
    I love the team names, especially Avalanche from FF7!



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