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Monday, August 5, 2013

Tosia 2013~

Hello Princesses!~

It's been a while since I blogged anything personal or blogged anything about what I've done in my life .. again .. forgive me. I have a few things to blog about and I'm going to split the blog posts
I'll start with a post about this year's "Tosia". It's a little more than three weeks ago it was Tosia now. 
But, better late than never.

On Friday I went with my friend, Susse. We had really fun and went around the market for several hours. We went to the restaurant Thai Corner for ordering food instead of buying at the market because it was quite expensive at the market. I got my food free because I have been practicing at the restaurant the last winter. (As you already know

Our food. I ordered Noodles with Beef. Yum~

Outfit of the day;


Hairbows - Taobao
Dress - Offbrand
Shoes - DearMyLove (Yumetenbo)


I'm not sure if I like these selcas or not XD

On Saturday we walked around the market again. 
In the evening we went to a party at my sisters place. 
We were never at a party on Friday for apparently we were not invited to the party, *cries
.. I'm just kidding. We did not go on the Bimbo party! Haha~ (gtfo)

Outfit of the day;


Dress - Offbrand (Taobao)
Bag - My melody
Shoes - H&M


On Sunday we went back on the market. We never get tired of walking around and check on everything. I did not buy anything the first few days .. Just Chai Latte.~

This day bought I some hair Accessories, one top, and magazines;
I am satisfied with all my purchases.

This was all for today~

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