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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hi Princesses!

How are you? I hope fine.
Yesterday began I School, we have not do so much specially these two first days. Only learnt to know each other and eaten a good "Swedish fika" at Café Mandeltårtan. I love this café because it is so romantic and cute, this was my second time I eat there. It's fun at school so far and the time flies when you're there. I can not wait until tomorrow~

Tea and Cinnamon bun, yum!~

Me after school today~

Oh, and tomorrow I've got hopefully my money so I can pay my bills, buy necessities and buy a ticket for the convention Harukacon 2.0~
And now then I wrote Harukacon remembered I that we have a girl in the class from Tokyo/ Japan and is named Haruka. XD

Well, I'm gonna watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) now and then sleep, good night!~


  1. You and your blog are soooo cute *o*

  2. Hi Nanaki!
    You're lookin' beautiful as always!
    Enjoy yourself at Harukacon and have a great time!


  3. Кeep on ωriting, greаt job!

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  4. Hi! You are so beautiful! <3 What lenses do you use?

    1. Hello!~ Thank you so much <3 I use TA-62 Grey (Vassen)~


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