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Monday, July 29, 2013

Candydoll; Cheek color duo~ ❤

A new Candydoll collection launch soon, Cheek color duo~
Omg, I love this! The colors are so cute and perfect. The package are so princess-ish with the roses and crown decoration. I need this in my life now

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lazy Sunday with my Rokkugal~

Hi Princesses!

How has your day beenMy Sunday has been a little different than my Sundays usually are. I usually stay home and take it easy like Playing games, reading blogs and read the dumb shit on G_S. ^_-

Today have I spent some time with Susse again. We have some Pink Coffe Latte with Cupecakes and cookies! Yummy~

We sunbathed (I need some tan) and talked a lot. 
We also plan a little bit about what we will do on Tuesday~
After a while it was too hot to be outside in the sun so we went in to take something to drink and played some Mario Party 8 on Wii. I love Nintendo-games and have done this since I was a little child. Hehe~
I went home now and I planning for play some Grand Fantasia or Maple Story now.

And I don't have any Outfit-pictures from today, I only wear laceshorts and a camisole today~ 
Sorry for that ; __ ;


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meetup - Picnic in the Park~

Hi Princesses!

Today had me and Susse a Picnic in the Park. We brought a lot of yummy things to eat.
And we had so so much fun and laughed all the time!~

And some pictures of the Park~

Todays Hime Outfit~

Hairbow - LaPafait
Choker - Princess Melody
Dress - Rut m.fl. (My very first "Hime" dress)
Bag - My Melody
Shoes - H&M


Me and Susse~

Now it's time for some gaming the rest of the day.
That's all for today. Chu~

Frangipani Flower