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Friday, June 14, 2013

Update (Little personal)~

Hello Cuties!~ 

I hope all of you are okay, it have been awhile since I last updated my blog about something that happening in my life. I have so much to tell you. Before my life was just about sleeping, get up and go to my Internship. As you already know it was in a convenience store. Wearing boring (black) clothes because my internship place was little dirty and I don't wanted to wear Hime! (Sometimes I wanted to die) .. I'm kidding. But I don't like to wear simple and black clothes. I want to wear Hime everyday. I must buy more Black Hime and Black Ageha clothes.
I had Internship on this place since in the middle of January. I have something to tell you, one thing that happened on this internship. Every day we got there a customer, always the same time on the day. A woman. I often stood at the counter when she got there. Oh god, it was so embarrassing. I dropped money in front of her and took either too little or too highly paid. She always came back and complained to my boss. Might not sound so bad. But that was it for me because I was told that the client is my Grandmother! I have not seen her in years. I do not remember how she looked like. I only knew her name. I'm not sure if she knows who I am or looks, but after this, hope I that I am unknown to her. It was so embarrassing. ; __ ; And I was told this when I was in my last week of this Internship.
Apart from the clothes and my Grandmother was my Internship great! And I got cute flowers from them when I ended my Internship!~

I love them, they are so my type! Himeish!~ 
I was told over a month ago that I have come into the school I have applied to. I will start on August 20. It will be so fun and exciting. Feeling a little nervous and so, but it will probably be fine.

Now I have a new internship and will be there over the summer. I get three weeks of vacation. I've already made my first two weeks at this new location. I'm at a place called "Mor Oliviagården". They have a cafe where they serve waffles and coffee. There is also a building where they work on crafts. It's meant for me to be in both places but the craftsmanship attracts me the most. I weave a carpet right now and come a long way on it.
Ignore my ugly nails, I have not fixed them there. XD

The other day had my friend a graduation party. It was really fun. Bought a rose and Drink Mix for her. In pink. All girls like pink and roses. ^_-

And this was my outfit;

Headbow - Princess Melody
Dress - Offbrand
Shoes - Yumetenbo, Dear My Love
Bag - Yesstyle

I don't have much more to tell right now. Don't want the post to be too long and boring. Tonight I'm going to a friend's house and eat Tacos, watch a movie and have it cozy. I have to go in an hour so now I have to get ready. I just have to apologize for my bad update, I've missed blogging. I'll be sure to start blogging more often again now then it is happening more things in my life than what happened a few months ago. Have a good one as long. See you in ny next post!

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