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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Update about last week(s) * Midsummer / Birthday Party~

Hi Princesses and Princes!~

It have been more than a week since I last updated my blog, sorry sorry! I'm gonna be better on blogging. I promise! It is summer now and I can blog about more and show you more outfits and you can follow my work on a become a better Hime!~
And if you want to help me improve something, feel free to tell me. But I will not listen to you if you asked me to leave Hime, because I will not do it.. never (!?)
I don't want to sound like a bitch now.. But I'm a "real" Hime. I have Royal blood. I am a relative of an ancient king that we had in Sweden a few years ago. (Karl Sverkersson) I don't care if it was over 100 years ago, but I'm proud that I'm related to him and that I was wearing the same last name. Of course there are many good Himes out there (some are better than me). I only tell you this because I don't want anyone to say that I can never be a good Hime.
First want I show you some photos from my Instagram. As I have taken since I last updated the blog. I'll try to not post too many pictures from my Instagram in the future but right now. I don't have many good pictures to show and my hard drive on my computer is full now and I have to burn over my pictures on a disc..~
Tacos at my friend's place.. a week ago (?)

Yummy strawberrys I ate last sunday!~ ^0^

Casual makeup I had a rainy day this week~

A game I played a lazy day~

The view I have from a window on my Internship~

The mat that I made on my internship. It was almost done in this picture. 
(It's all finished now and I have started on a new one)

And some food pictures;

My Instagram ID: Nanakikaw. (I update often)~

On Friday was it Midsummer and we had a birthday party for my sis Zandra. We were not so very many at the party but we had fun anyway.~

This was my Outfit;

Agejo ("Himekaji") Outfit~

Headbow - Princess Melody
Top - DearMyLove
Skirt - HM
Shoes - Yumetenbo
Bag & Necklace - My Melody


Me on my way to the party~

lawl X'D

Me and my boyfriend Matin  

And I guess that was all for now, see you in my next post and don't forget to comment! (And share)

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  1. You are so cute~! And a really good hime! (´・ω・`)


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