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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Movie Night and Nail fix~

Hello Princesses!~

I hope everything is okay with all of you. I feel great. As you already know have I Internship on weekdays, I have begun to weave on "my" second rug now. It floats on. ^_- I have a week to go now then I have three weeks of vacation. It will be nice and I hope it will be sunny days so I can hang out with friends. Two weekend left until it's time for "Tosia" (it is a market that we have here in Ronneby each year.) It usually be for three days but this year it will be four days instead. I look forward Tosia because I have already started planning with friends. It will be so much fun!!~ \(^0^)/ 

Yesterday was I and Matin at Susse's Place and had a Movie Night. We watched two movies, a horror movie and a komendi. Both movies were good.
And I finally found the new chocolate Strawberry Intense by LindtYAAAY! I have search after it everywhere! ~ I found it at Ica Maxi~

Today I get up later than I usually do. We had planned a picnic today with Susse but we skipped it because the weather did not want to be our friend today. Got to be a Craft day at Susse's home instead. We fixed nails that we should have on us on Tosia. We also watched some episodes of my beloved and favorite anime Sailor Moon!~

 The Crafting Table~ Soo much things! ^_-

The result - Hime nails with My Melody

It was all from these days.. Chu~

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