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Friday, May 3, 2013

Taobao Haul~

I finally got my last things today that I have order from Taobao, and I'm so so happy!~ ^_^

Top/ Babydoll from Princess Melody. I Love it so much and I have longed for it so long. So very glad that it fit perfectly because I was a little worried that it would not do it, haha~ ^_-

Princess Melody crown ribbon set, Bow + choker. I maybe gonna order it in white and black too.~

Prisila half wig. It fits perfect to my own hair color and I love the curls. I will definitely order more wig parts in the future~

That was all. Thanks for reading my haul and hope you liked it! ^___^


  1. Great haul :3
    Please show us pics of you wearing the things!!


  2. These are so cute :3
    May I ask how you order from taobao? :)

    1. Yes! :3
      All you need is a shopping service and there are many of them on the internet~ ^.^/

  3. Hey, may I ask what store you order Mars and Princess Melody from? You totally rock the look. So adorable!

    1. Hi!
      Yes, I mostly got my ma*rs and princess melody stuff from sale-groups on facebook. This princess melody top I got from a private person on taobao for 50 usd without shipping, it's original from princess melody. Be careful, mostly stuff on taobao are fake. If it's cheap, it can be fake + bad quality.


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