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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taobao (Yumetenbo) Haul~

Finally I got my package with my Taobao order (a part of it) that I ordered in December. I have longed for it so long, though I can not use the clothes until it gets little warmer outside.

All is so super cute and princessy! Finally have I more hime clothes! And the supplier sent with little candies. So sweet of her!~ (≧∇≦)♥

One pair lace shorts. It is actually from Yumetenbo, but I bought it from Taobao. I'm gonna use it for my simple hime outfits on the spring and summer.~

A cute sweatshirt + a lace vest. It's also from Yumetenbo. I'm gonna use them for my simple hime outfits.~

LaPafait headbow. An accessory that I'm gonna use for my hime dresses.~

Heart heeled mules, from Yumetenbo. This is my second pair. I love them so much!~

And this was all, hope you liked it!~ \(^0^)/

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