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Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013年04月21日 - Update~

Hello cuties!~

I hope everything is okay with all of you! I have not blogging something personal in a long time now.. but everyday have been the same in my life for a while now, little boring I know but the life can not was fun every day.. Eh? I have Internship five days every week in a shop. It's funny and It is not long time until I end my Internship on this place, 31 May is the last day for me. I feel a little sad of it because it is the best place in the world. Everybody who works there is so sweet and kind. I don't like to be on workplaces if they are mean and idiots~
So.. it is little sad that it is only around six weeks left on my Internship.
I'm gonna miss it a lot!~

Sadly have I don't got some job for the summer yet. But maybe I gonna do Internship all the summer, without earn some money.. ; __ ; I need and want money! But in this town I live in is it not easy to get a job. The Internship place that I maybe gonna be on all summer is "Ronnebyhus". Ronnebyhus rent out apartments in the town I live in. They own my apartment too but I maybe gonna move to a new apartment this summer, the new is more centrally located! ^__- I'll see how it goes, I'll check on the apartment first!~
Just now working I on an application to a school that I hopefully to begin in the fall. I do not want to reveal what I have searched yet. You will perhaps be told later, when I know if I have entered the school.~ 

I don't have so much new pictures to show you but I have one "outfit" picture to show. I took the picture then I got a new dress the last week. I have waiting for the dress over a month. 
I love the dress so much!~ *.*

I hide my face with a heart because my hair and makeup was completely destroyed after a day of practice and bad weather. XD

And yesterday (20 April) have I and Matin been together in a half year! I love him so much! 
Man dooset daram, azizam!~ (Meaning: "I love you, sweetheart" in Persian)

It was all for now, thanks for reading and please follow and comment my blog cuties!~

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