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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Princess Melody♥ - New Arrival~ (Dream dresses)

It have come two new dresses from Princess Melody. I want them both. My new dream dresses~!

And also two new hair bows~

I just need them in my life~!!

小悪魔ageha January 2014~

I got a new issue of 小悪魔ageha in the mail today~

Got a makeup bag from Ravijour with this issue~
But you can also have a bra and panties in it! ^.^

I took these pictures with Matin's (my boyfriend's) iPhone 5S.  
Better quality pictures than my 4S take~

Night open in Town/ A pottering day with Bestie~

Hi Princesses!

How are you Hope you are fine.
I have Christmas holiday now as I said before and have hang out with my Bestie these first days.
This Thursday it was "Night open" in my hometown Ronneby
This day was every stores open until 23:00 and it was some markets in the town, a fire show 
and a elf parade.
(Look on my Instagram if you will se little from the fire show. ID: nanakikaw)
First we checked out some stores and had a Swedish fika on "Andra våningen".

We had Chai latte and shared a Chocolate cake~

Bestie take a photo of the Fika~

Bestie and me~

And some selcas~

The pictures are little dark and bad because it was so dark in the café and outside 
(and taken with my iPhone 4s)

We were not in town so long because it rained, and the city had not so much to offer 
because it's a small town.
Went home to besie and had a cup of tea and talked little.

Yesterday me and Bestie had a "Pottering day".

Bestie remade a shirt and I made a iPhone case~
What do you think

Frangipani Flower